Well, here I am trying out having a blog/website. I am not sure what direction I am going to take this. Maybe I will dedicate this space to talk about sports, or maybe I will dedicate it to the the many joys, ups and downs, and ultimate learning experience of being a dad. Probably both. Talking about sports (mainly basketball) comes natural to me because its what I've know most of my life. I have a crazy memory of anything basketball related and I can also hold my own in any other sports. My biggest challenge so far has hands down being a dad. I'm sure if you come back and check in with me often that I will have some amusing stories involving my kids because believe me, they are both free spirits that have strong personalities. Which brings me to the real star.....my rock star wife Ayren. While I like to 'think' I'm a writer and have an interesting voice.....she is actually a very accomplished writer/artist and I draw inspiration from her everyday. See? I have mentioned sports, my kids, and my wife all in the first post. I told you that I didn't know what I wanted to talk about, but maybe that's what's going to make this interesting/therapeutic all at the same time.


I know what you're thinking.....'Why did you pick A Father's Glow for the name of this circus?' Well, its as simple as......'The Last Dragon' is my favorite movie of all time. The main plot of the movie is (well, there are other plots that involve Vanity and a 6'6 villain that wears spiked shoulder pads around NYC) the main character....wait for it....Bruce Leroy is in search of 'The Master' so that he can obtain 'The Glow'. Well (spoiler alert), there was no 'master' and 'The Glow' was inside of him the whole time! I know I know.....you've probably heard that before right? But its so simple and cliche that its awesome! My 'glow' will be for me to be a good husband and father and to be able to positively effect the people around me. So, hence....'A Father's Glow' is born.


In the coming days/weeks, I will put up one of those 'About Me' questionnaires so that you can find out more about me like my favorite color (Royal Blue) or my favorite show (The Joy of Painting). In the meantime, if you got down this far without closing out the page, thank you for reading and make sure to come back to check me out from time to time. I promise to update the blog with something often because one of my pet peeves is to get attached to reading a person's blog and they all of a sudden just abandon it!