Strange but fascinating presidential protest

There have been plenty of protest against the new president, Donald J Trump. We've had marches in every big city around the US and even some overseas. In watching the coverage of the protests, I have seen some clever signs and heard some clever chants. But there is one protest that I found out about that I'm particular fascinated with. Actor Shia LeBeouf, who is almost known more for his bizarre, off the wall, but mostly interesting 'performance art' than his actual TV/movie work has worked with a museum in Queens, New York City to have a camera mounted along with the words 'He Will Not Divide Us' painted on a wall and have a livestream so that people at home (or anyone with an internet connection) can take a look at the protest anytime they want. The camera will function for 24 hours and 7 seven a week for........FOUR YEARS STRAIGHT! Read that line again. The first couple of days after President Trumps inauguration, LeBeouf himself would stand in front of the camera while chanting 'He Will Not Divide Us' over and over. Others have joined in as well. As the days have gone by, participation in front of the camera has slowed down just a little bit and instead of the crowd chanting (or performing) 'He Will Not Divide Us' you can watch for some interesting conversation from New Yorkers (and possibly tourists) about the direction and leadership of this country. Of course you have the usual people that just want to be seen and show up at all times of the night just to look directly in the camera without saying anything, but I've only caught one guy try this for about 10 minutes and then leave. Its a bizarre project that is actually starting conversations between groups that maybe should have happened a long time ago.

You can check the live feed out here:

Make sure to take care of yourselves...

- John Cannady