The Ultimate Sneakerhead

A little while ago, I used to try and keep up with what was new in the sneaker game and I was hanging too. But after two kids and the expenses that they have, I gracefully bowed out of the game. I do however, live vicariously through one of my best man Leon. I met Leon back in college at Fayetteville State University (Bronco Pride!) and even though I didn't know him well right away, I did notice that his kicks ALWAYS were fresh. That's a hard thing to do while in school/college (it helped that Leon actually held down a job....unlike....ahem....yours truly). I got to know him really well during my time there and shortly thereafter. He's like a big brother now. Well, other than both of our crazy, unexplained knowledge of everything basketball.....real talk....we both remember small details of stuff that happened during the 1996 NBA season......we both loved sneakers. I think its nostalgic for both of us to remember the good ole days, especially with so many retro sneakers being released.

I smile to myself when I hear somebody mention that they are sneakerheads or they know someone who is. 'So and so has like 6 pairs of Jordans!' Well, the reason for me writing this post is because Leon just pulled off something in this past month of January that is low key brilliance. He posted himself wearing 31 different Jordans for each day in the month (actually 32) that line again. Now, most people I know don't even have 31 pairs of sneakers, but Leon not only has that, he has 31 different pairs of Jordans. And trust me, that's just part of his collection, he has a rack of other shoes also. I thought it was one the most awesome things someone has done by highlighting each pair. I have put the gallery of his postings below:

- John Cannady