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The weird life of being a fan of an up and down team PT. 2

So, last night, the Washington Wizards gained a lot of props and respect from the basketball world by nearly beating the defending NBA champs, the Cleveland Cavaliers. It took a miracle shot from LeBron James to push the game into overtime. It was an awesome game and everybody is calling it the game of the year. Seeing a game like this out of the Wizards, it hard to imagine that they started off the year as one of the worst (by record) teams in the NBA. It was awesome to go online and seeing people finally paying attention to John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Otto Porter. It almost validation for all of those people that laugh when you say that you like the Wizards and they're like 'The Wizards? HAHAHAHA!.....I'm a fan of (insert bandwagon team name here). But now, more and more I'm starting to hear 'Yeah man, I rock with the Wizards, they're my team' Uh...word? Where were you last year when John Wall was getting booed at home in the fourth quarter of the Lakers game. Read that line again. Wizards fans are a loyal group and they have had to be to put up with some of the teams that have played. They weren't as bad as the 'paper bag on the head' Clippers, but they were and are kinda close. While I do like the success of the team now, its sort of bittersweet. Now that the Wizards are a 'hot' team, its hard to tell the real fans from the fans who now know that the Wizards aren't terrible so they have claimed them. And let me tell you, those fans are the loudest and the quickest to take credit for being there through all of the tough times. They are also the fans who start to leave the game when the team goes down by 10 in the second half. Washington D.C is BY FAR the weirdest sports town I have ever lived in and witnessed. The NFL team's mascot is a very insensitive name that Native Americans have been asking for years to change. Also, their main rival, the Dallas Cowboys, have MORE fans in the DC area that Redskins fans....I'm serious. I just down get it. Its like NYC being split down the middle with Yankees fans on one side and Red Sox fans on the other. I just don't get it. Also, DC are super loyal and LOVE all of the DC teams....except for the Wizards. I'm not sure if its a race thing or because the Bullets/Wizards have been bad for awhile, but the Washington Nationals and Capitals aren't exactly making DC TitleTown USA either. Anyway, the city seems to really come alive when the Wizards are rolling. That playoff run with Paul Pierce was unlike anything I've seen here. T Shirts were being made and sold on the fly, everybody was talking about Pierce's 'I called GAME!' rant.

It appears as if the Wizards are again a special team that come springtime will be featured nationally. You will hear a lot of bandwagon talk coming from people in DC, but to me....everyone from hardcore, season ticket holder fans to the person who is just curious to see what all of the fuss is about...its all welcome in the Verizon Center. As recently as last season the team definitely noticed how playing at the Verizon Center sometimes felt like an away game. Now, after winning 17 games in a row at home, they are issuing a thank you to fans and telling them to keep it up. HUGE change from even 4 months ago and I'm here for it! #DCFamily

Remember to take care of yourselves

- John Cannady

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