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The NBA Trade deadline always has fans dreaming

So today at 3 P.M. is the deadline for NBA teams to make a trade to try and improve their teams this year (hopefully for a playoff run) or trying to position themselves for future success. Most years, teams like to 'make calls' on players they know they have no chance in getting or they make small moves that aren't really needle movers. If you believe NBA twitter....each team writer believes that their team are on the verge of swinging a deal for an NBA All Star....all the GM has to do is offer a second round pick and there you go! You got your All Star with all of your favorite players in tact on your team! I think more than any sport, NBA fans (myself included) feel like their team is only one or two pieces away from a championship. The trade deadline (which usually happens right after the all star game) is becoming like the season openers for teams. Teams start the second half of the season with new teammates and excitement....especially if the trade made their team 'better'. I'm not really a believer in mid-season trades that will make a team all of a sudden 'a championship team'. Only a few mid-season trades worked out and its because the teams have had a legend (read: LeBron James) in the lineup. While most teams dream about acquiring an all star or a few REALLY good pieces, the truth is....teams only really get some players to come off the bench to help. Most NBA GM's aren't stupid and know who's the best players and are RARELY willing to give them up. Notice I said 'most'....this doesn't apply to a GM this year that gave up perhaps the best big man in the league for a rookie who came into the league older than some players on their second contracts...ahem.....Anyway, one of the best things about rooting for a team and watching sports is being hopeful your team will make the move to become champions. And dreaming your teams GM is smart enough to make a monster deal is part of the fun.

On the flip side, I always wonder how NBA players who are involved in trade 'rumors' treat coaches and GM's behind closed doors. We've all seen players give the excuse of 'I don't know what the coach and the GM are thinking....I haven't talked to them' Really? You come in and practice, hang around the practice facility all day, and are on the phone ALL DAY, and you mean to tell me you don't see or hear about the rumors or talk to the people in charge? I guess (this might be another post for another day) its better to feign ignorance than to rant to the media how unhappy you are. Athletes are in one of the craziest spots in society where people want them to engage more with the media....BUT only to talk about what they deem worthy of conversation (i.e. his contract, performance, etc) Again, I will unpack this more in the coming weeks because to me it goes deeper than just court activities. Especially in this day and age in this country. I will go back and hope that my Washington Wizards can somehow land Russell Westbrook so that we can make that charge to the championship!

Remember to take care of yourselves,

- John Cannady

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