Being alone for the weekend....

So this weekend, Ayren and I had plans that would take us (her and the kids to NC and me to NYC) away from each other. Well, they ended up going to NC and my plans to visit the greatest city in the world fell through, so I hung out around the house all weekend....alone. I know what you are thinking 'Hey, the house to yourself!' and yes, while that's cool in stretches (especially during last nights UNC vs Duke game where the good guys.....UNC...won) I'm so used to being around my family that I got a little sad and reflective. I miss hearing Trey and Eliet scream at each other and Ayren flying from room to room giving me tidbits about their day. Since Ayren and I dated since college, got engaged and moved to NYC (and married), now with kids....I really never known how it felt to have a space of my own. I can see its advantages like waking up anytime, not doing anything until like 5 or 6:30 P.M., or having little house projects to do here and there, but its not for me. I think having this little time away from them has shown me how grateful I should be to have a loving situation and family. At times, I lose sight of that and tend to focus on things that shouldn't be as important. I will keep my thoughts brief today because overall, I've had a pretty good weekend so far. On Sunday mornings, I love to listen to gospel music like my parents did (if you haven't guessed it by now....I'm turning into a version of them...which is ok with me!) and a beautiful song came on that I immediately had to find and play a few times. Its called 'Mindful' by Brian Courtney Wilson. Wow, I've never heard of him before, but his song breathed a little more life into me today:

Remember to take care of yourselves,

- John