Random Thoughts, Vol 1

Back in college, me and a bunch of friends were in a group that we called 'The Random Thoughts' crew. The emails between us was very simple, we would just email each other with a bunch of random thoughts. It definitely helped that we were all funny and if my hotmail account was still up and running, I would go back and read some of the jewels. I'm going to have another go 'round of random thoughts right now just for old time sake....so here goes!

- During the Winter season, most people in cold weather places like the DC area, NYC, etc like to be surprised with an occasional 60 or 70 (maybe even 80 degree) day....but not me. It gives me false hope. I'd rather it just be cold until its time to get warm. I'd rather it be polar vortex cold starting in December and then on March 20th or so just have 60 degree or more weather. Because when its surprisingly warm then it turns cold again...its soul crushing. Like this snow that just happened in DC over the past week, it was just warm enough to walk outside without coats!

- Everyday one of my kids (sometimes both) completely amaze me with something....either something they have heard, something they say, or something they do baffles me. For example, going to Wizards games you get 'gifts'. I have brought back bobble heads from the game for Trey to put in his room, and he course finds a way to break them. Well, he somehow broke off John Wall's left hand on the statue. When I was tucking him in a couple of nights ago, I knelt down and noticed that all of the bobble heads had a missing something. It is well known to Wizards fans/watchers that John Wall LOVES going to his left hand on drives and dunks so Trey said 'Daddy, we need some super glue to fix John Wall's arm...because that's his favorite arm to go to the basket right?' THAT'S MY BOY!

- Somedays I daydream about living (and thriving) in NYC and everything that comes with that....but other days I daydream about living back in my hometown of Raleigh, NC. But the thing is...Ayren and I (and the kids) really like the DC metro area too....

- It used to be whenever I saw someone talking about something advanced their child could do, like a three year reading and writing, or a 8 month old walking, etc...I would immediately try to see if Trey (and now Eliet) could do it also and think maybe they were behind if they couldn't do what the other kids were doing....but now, I get a kick out of it and it actually makes me smile and want to see more when I see people on social media post something amazing that their kid did. Bottom line, all kids are different and have their own gifts and are awesome. I think sometimes we as parents compete with each other through our kids and that sucks. But I'm not holier than thou....I've done it too. But we have to stop. Seriously...

- I've decided to give up refined and add sugar for Lent (its really helping me that Ayren is doing it also) and I'm seeing a few benefits already. But, man....I have been on sugar my whole life so I still wish I could just go down to 7/11 to get a Reese's Peanut Butter Four Piece pack with an Ultra Volt Mountain Dew! Just to let you know.....that combination is probably more sugar than you should have in three days let alone one sitting! I can't lie....eating healthy and being healthy is hard work....so when I see someone that I can tell takes care of themselves....I am in awe. Plus....being healthy just isn't physical...its also mental....but that's another topic for another day.

- Watching the NCAA tournament for the past few days and of course the main 'blue bloods' are good again. Teams like UNC (my squad), Duke, UCLA, Kentucky, Kansas and so on all look good and all feasted on sub par competition. While I was glad that UNC won, they played Texas Southern, which is a HBCU (Historically Black College and University) that plays in the SWAC which is an HBCU conference. And while Texas Southern played hard, you could tell right from the tip that UNC was going to beat them bad....most years whenever an HBCU makes the tournament, they are the 16th seed and usually take a big L from a favorite. My wish is just for one year have an HBCU be a super team make a run. I think the tournament needs that. I know you have other colleges that sometimes bubble to the top out of nowhere (like George Mason did) but I'm talking about the whole thing. The band rocking, the HBCU cheerleaders doing their thing (those that went to HBCU's know what I'm saying) on the sidelines in a Elite 8 or Final Four game....and the coaches (who are all mostly characters....in a good way) getting some pub. Just today, Chris Webber and the other announcers where amazed at how good the Texas Southern band was and talked about it....a lot. But, it would be hard for an HBCU to challenge the big boys of the basketball world. They just don't have the size or depth as those teams...but it would be fun!

Remember to take care of yourselves!

- John Cannady