Happy Mothers Day

Strictly by the name of this blog, A Father's Glow, its pretty obvious that most of my writings are about being a father, fatherhood, etc. Well, my story about being a father wouldn't be a story without my angel....Ayren Jahmeena (she's going to kill me!) Jackson Cannady. I met her when she was a super shy but easy to smile teenager (calm down, she was 19!) I immediately got those 'vibes' that everyone talks about when meeting 'the one'. She did little things like make sure I eat before I would go back to my college after visiting her, watching to make sure I was having a good time, trying things that I told her that I liked (even if the thing was 'questionable' like listening to Memphis Bleek's first album.....yikes). In college, Ayren was such a good writer that she landed an internship with Lucky Magazine in NYC between her junior and senior years at NC State. Of course being the scorpio that I am, I thought 'great, she's going to go up there to NYC, have the time of her life, and meet some dude and forget all about me'....which was just me being paranoid. Ayren made sure to call or email everyday and always manage to be interested in my failed job hunting experiences that I was going through. When I finally got a chance to visit her in NYC, she casually mentioned 'You know, when we come back here to live, I gotta take you by this one spot....' That was HUGE news to me! I had a renewed spirit to find a job in North Carolina to be able to save up and come back the next year. We eventually did move to NYC and had the times of our lives. We explored the city, made a bunch of friends that we now consider family, and basically just grew up with each other. There was something that we started to talk about more....starting a family. While it would have been super awesome to be able to raise a family in NYC, we just couldn't afford it. So, for us to start a family....we had to say goodbye to our beloved Brooklyn.

We ended up moving to 'North Bethesda', MD...ahem....Rockville. Once we found out that Ayren was pregnant, we (and ALL of our family) were super excited! Ayren immediately got to work. She started to plan how the little ones room would look, started to watch her diet and did everything an awesome mom would do. I was nervous almost constantly (see the picture below), but Ayren was the picture of cool. It was true then and is still true today. The little one ended up being our superstar son Trey. Skipping ahead another four years....Ms. Eliet was born. We went from a young-ish couple in NYC, to having two little ones in the suburbs of the DMV!

Well, here is where I begin my gushing. Ayren is a completely perfect mom to our two little ones. She has taught them that being kind to people is a very important aspect of your personality. She also takes them around to different events around the area to give them a lot of experiences that I'm not sure too many other kids have the luxury of trying out. They both have her smiley, goofy sense of humor, and they are extremely curious and smart....just like she is. Ayren also knows when to rule with an iron fist. And what makes it amazing to me is, she does it in her own 'Ayren-like' way. Where I lose my marbles and roar when I have the two alone with me, she lays down the law in her own way. Plus, for the people that know Ayren and I....I bet you think that I'm the tough one between us.....nope....not even close. Its definitely Ayren! But I wouldn't have our situation any other way. Ayren came into my life at a perfect time to turn me around (trust me....I was well on my way to being a goon). She also made and is making this fatherhood thing much easier by just being a super supportive wife and mother. She is a light that a lot of people love and cherish and she deserves all of the praise and accolades that she gets. I completely lucked out and I make sure to thank God that she actually chose me to ride through this crazy thing called life. So.....Happy Mother's Day Ayren. The kids and I love you very much and we all just want to make you as proud of us as we are of you!

Please remember to take care of yourselves,

John Cannady

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