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Most of the dads that I knew and observed while I was growing up never struck me as 'cool'. The dads I knew were always a little goofy (think bad dad jokes), wore clothes that screamed 'I'm a dad from the suburbs', and usually knew next to nothing about what was 'hot in the streets' music/movie/pop culture wise. One of the things I told myself before having kids was 'Man, I don't care....I'm going to be a cool dad'. Well, fast forward to me now having two kids and......yep, I'm one of the dads that I told myself I wouldn't be. Now, a little background on me.....I was never the guy people would consider 'cool' growing up. Most of my friends (due to playing sports) were the cool guys, but I was usually look at as 'cool' by association only. Its actually funny because my dad, Sarge, who I talk about a lot on here, is the probably the coolest dude I've ever met. His nickname is even cool.....'The Candyman' which is a play off of the Cannady last name. See? Cool. But even he fell under the 'dad spell' when it came to a few things like music/movies/etc. I guess my question is: do kids really have that big an effect on us dads?

Just recently, I admitted that I had only seen two movies from the Marvel Universe and asked for help on which order I should watch them to catch up. Most of the responses I got was 'What?!? How have you only seen one or two of the Marvel movies? They are only the biggest movies in the world now!' And most of the time my response was 'Hey.....I have two kids....movies are now a luxury....big time' I should add as a side note: when I say 'movies are now a luxury'.....I really mean 'Any movie that isn't an animated movie, or that feature kids, or talking animals are a luxury' because I have probably watched 'Moana' and 'Trolls' double digit times. Don't feel too sorry.....'Trolls' is a good movie with a good message!....Wow....just like that, my 'dad from the suburbs' side came out. Another big part of my life that I'm finding myself sacrificing beloved shoes collection.

Since I've been open and honest in all of my posts here on my blog, I will continue here. While I know that nothing beats getting the rooms attention when you walk in with a fresh new pair of retro Air Jordans, most of the Jordans (the ones I have anyway) aren't exactly the type of shoe you put on and say 'Wow, these feel amazing!' I will admit that the designs on the retro Jordans are super nostalgic and awesome. But I'm willing to bet that if someone said 'Yo, we are going on a walking tour of New York City' that those Jordans wouldn't be the first pair of shoes people would reach for to provide comfort. Which brings me to that picture at the top of the post. See those? Those are called Nike Air Monarchs and they have been one of Nike's best sellers for a LOOONGG time. Just take a look at those beauties. They are basic and not too flashy and can go with a lot of outfits. More and more guys (probably dads like me) are starting to find out the secret. I mean, I just read an article that 'Dad chic' is starting to get popular:

I wouldn't go as far as saying that you will see the rappers and the athletes rocking these anytime soon, but like other dads, I'm starting pick shoes/clothes/situations depending on how comfortable it will be for me. Plus, I just can't justify spending $180+ on some shoes when I have my two littles running around. I remember I was in line with a pair of Jordans that I really wanted and as I was starting to inch closer to the cashier at Foot Locker I started to think 'Man, with this $200 I'm about to spend on these shoes, I could buy two or three weeks worth of groceries with this money' So I put the box down and walked out. 'Cool' dad move, right?

I won't even waste any space discussing music. I still only mainly listen to early to mid 90's hip hop. I'm starting to sound like my parents when I listen to today's 'popular' hip hop and say 'I can't understand a word these guys are saying'. That was exactly what my parents said when they heard me listening to Big Daddy Kane or Mobb Deep. I think they were talking more about the slang that they were using whereas I truly can't make out the words that the new guys are talking about! Not saying that its completely wack.....its just not my cup of tea.

While I do sometimes think about the times before I had kids when Ayren and I could go to the movies on a whim or when I could tell you which Jordans were being released that weekend and how much they would cost, etc, I ultimately think being a goofy dad fits me pretty well. Besides, now looking back at those 'dads from the suburbs' who I didn't think were cool were the ones who had it right and were the 'cool' guys from the beginning.....

Please remember to take care of yourselves

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