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Mind State - Welcome back JJ.....

Its been awhile so I'm just going to jump right into it....welcome back! It took a pandemic for me to finally settle down enough for me to remember I had a place to put some of my inner most thoughts. You know the things with blogs is that even though the writer hopes the reader gets something (enlightenment, entertainment, etc) out of it.....its mainly for the writer. I'm pretty sure most people are in the same boat these days and looking for the day for life to go back to 'normal'. I'm sure you've read a million pieces about it, so I'm not going to bore you with what I think life will look like once we get back to that. This is mainly a piece for me to stretch my legs and get back into the swing of writing again. I will mention that my son and daughter are now 8 and 5.....yeah, so a few things have changed! Hopefully you will find something that you like here soon!

Make sure you remember to take care of yourselves

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