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Happy Mother's Day (Pandemic Edition) is another 'Happy Mother's Day' post that I am dedicated to my wife Ayren. However, this year's Mothers Day is not like any other Mother's Day.....with the world being in the mist of a pandemic.....the challenge of being a functioning human along with being a mom to two kids looks A LOT different than years past. 3 (!) years ago, I wrote Ayren a Happy Mothers Day post on here and let me tell you.....things have changed! First of, I will go through all of the stuff that everyone knows about Ayren: she's an absolute angel, she holds the title of the nicest person I have ever met, she is an awesome wife and mother and she's an absolute gift to anyone's life who knows her (but don't get it twisted....Ayren can and will check her own way....if she thinks you need it....TRUST ME! LOL) . With all of that being said, during this time in the world, I have actually witnessed her step her mom/wife game up. The kids are now going to be homeschooled for the forseeable future. When they made that annoucement, I IMMEDIATELY panicked and was like 'Until SEPTEMBER?!?' but guess who didn't? She just started thinking of different days and how we could incorporate their virtual learning into 'our lessons'. I have to say, I have never been more proud of her. This October, we will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary and 20 (!) years of us being together. I can truly say that I have watched her transformation from my 'lil Ayren' to Momma Ayren and its been quite a ride. Our kids absolutely adore her and look to her for everything from advice on what to wear for the day to Trey (now infamously) just yelling out 'What's for dinner momma?!?' I am proud to report that each one of them is starting to from their own personality and you can see the influence she has on both coming out. They are both extremely smart, loving, and kind. Even more so than the last time I mentioned this. Eliet has inherited her momma's love for beauty and doing things like hair and nails. Eliet as a five year old is one of the most mature and loving kid (that can dress and do nails like no one's business) that I have ever seen (ok, I'm biased being I'm her dad....but hey, I don't care! LOL). Mr. Trey also takes after her in the way he's super curious and super positive. He always mentions that he's going to play in the NBA and I encourage him but I also warn him to not get too down on himself if he doesn't. In true Ayren fashion, he then tells me 'Oh, don't worry, I think I'll make it, but if I don't, I want to be a chef, engineer, etc' Plus he has a razor sharp memory on the things....just like Ayren.

Ayren has also helped me make it through this whole 'season' of the pandemic. I think she senses when I get overwhelmed with working from home and teaching, being around everyone because she always 'rescues' me right on time. She has her way of taking the kids and giving them something to do so that they don't bother me when I'm in 'one of my moods'. Ayren is absolutely the ying to my yang......I feel that Ayren has that sense of when people need her to 'do her thing' and its not just for me, I think her friends and family get that benefit from her also.

She also has ramped up her candle making (Ok, if you didn't's the plug.....for some soy based, hand poured, AWESOME smelling candles....please visit to order some today!....ok, plug over). She has a vision and is super creative to come up with new scents that she feels people will like and so far.....she has been right every time! With her gentle and giving personality, Trey Plus Glo has gotten an organic following that definitely reflects her as a person. Even when I try and inject my 'John John-isms' feedback, she doesn't back down and ultimately, I end up agreeing with her way of things. Again, its a gift because she does it all with a smile....most of you guys that are reading this (thank you!) know the one. I love my wife/guarding angel and I want to wish her a Happy Mother's Day here in this trying year 2020! I love you!

I would also like to wish my dear mother a Happy Mother's Day! I love you Selma V! You have had a tough few months, but through it all, you kept smiling and being strong for not only yourself, but your brothers and sisters. For all of your sacrifices and unconditional love that you have for me and Jacinta.....I hope I am making you proud! I love you and again, Happy Mother's Day!

Please remember to take care of yourselves.

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