Welcome to Adulthood!

Memorial Day, 2003. That is the official day I 'became' an adult. Ayren and I moved from North Carolina to our first place in our beloved Brooklyn. 937 Bedford Avenue, Apt #2 was the address. Our rent was $1350 a month. Yes, look at the picture (the white building) and then read that rent number again (LOL). Neither one of us had jobs or even interviews from jobs. We decided to move up to NYC together just off of hope and excitement. I have to say that 2003 was my favorite summer of all time. We didn't have central air, internet, and we once spent only $12 for a week of groceries, but damn we had fun exploring the city. Making daily trips to Times Square to go to an internet cafe (remember those?), spending $4 for two slices of huge pizza and a drink that we split.....I wouldn't change anything that summer.